Drug Crimes

To get a drug charge dismissed you do not have to prove your innocence. The prosecution has the burden of proving you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Hiring an effective defense attorney will increase your chances of getting a good outcome, and in some case a dismissal of your charges.

Arizona: What to do if you are arrested

Whether you have been arrested for drug charges in Arizona, served a summons to appear on drug charges, or find yourself under investigation for a drug crime, you should speak with a defense attorney immediately. You should contact Brubaker Law Offices for consultation and retention, so we can begin building a solid defense for you. Drug charges in Arizona are very serious and can carry Mandatory Prison Sentencing as well as other harsh punishments, and a criminal record that will negatively impact you for years. An early defense can mean the difference between getting a conviction verses a dismissal of charges or other good outcome in your case.

Common types of drug crimes in Arizona:

  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession of Marijuana for Sale
  • Possession with Intent to sell
  • Transportation of Marijuana
  • Possession of Narcotic Drugs
  • Possession of Narcotic Drugs for Sale
  • Transportation of Narcotic Drugs
  • Possession of Dangerous Drugs
  • Possession of Dangerous Drugs for Sale
  • Transportation of Dangerous Drugs
  • Possession of Narcotic Drugs
  • Possession of Narcotic Drugs for Sale
  • Transportation of Narcotic Drugs
  • Prescription Drugs – Fraudulent Prescriptions
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

If accused of having a particular quantity of drugs over a certain amount, you will face potential mandatory prison terms. This amount is known as a drug “Threshold Amount”. Mandatory prison sentencing applies to first time offenders, convicted of drug charges even if they have no prior drug convictions, or other criminal history of felony or misdemeanor drug crimes. The Arizona Drug Law relates to the amount, market value, weight, nature, and type of drug measured that is found in a defendant’s possession for use, sale, intent to sell, transport, distribute, manufacture or smuggle unlawfully.

Arizona drug charge penalties, consequences & sentencing

Many defendants who face drug charges are concerned (for good reason) with how a drug conviction will affect their freedom, family, job, and future. An Arizona Felony drug conviction may result in jail, fines, drug testing, community service, counseling, prison and years of extended probation. The court considers all the facts of your charges if convicted, prior criminal history, nature and amount of drugs involved, and other factors. The Judge’s decision for penalties will be based on Arizona mandatory drug sentencing guidelines that include minimum and maximum sentencing ranges.

Unfortunately, you are never guaranteed entrance into a deferred prosecution program such as “TASC” in order to get your charges as an alternative to Arizona’s harsh punishments for drug convictions. If you are eligible you must be allowed by the prosecution to participate in the program and then pass the screening by the program administrators and approved by the court. Brubaker Law will attempt to get you into the program only after determining if the Arizona drug charges should be dismissed outright.

Why you should hire a Defense Lawyer or Criminal Defense Attorney to defend your charges

If you have been arrested/charged for any drug crimes in Arizona it is important that you hire an experienced Arizona criminal defense lawyer for your defense. Drug cases can present unique and complex issues involving Arizona’s changing drug laws, criminal case court procedures, and violations of constitutional rights, and more. For these reasons, you should choose an experienced Arizona criminal trial lawyer who litigates and defends drug cases regularly in Arizona. An experienced criminal lawyer who defends drug charges on a regular basis can sometimes make the difference between getting drug charges dismissed and going to prison. Some Arizona drug crimes carry harsh penalties, including extended prison sentences and exorbitant fines. You need to put your defense into the hands of an experienced criminal defense attorney who practices exclusively in criminal defense and who defends clients in Arizona on a frequent basis. A criminal defense attorney experienced in handling Phoenix Arizona Drug Charges understands the complexities of your case. It is key when you are considering hiring a defense attorney for your drug crime that you get your free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer in Arizona.

Experienced defense lawyer, Cynthia A Brubaker, is familiar with the Arizona laws, courts, the judges, and the prosecution, and many defense strategies that can be used in your case. Cynthia A. Brubaker, understands how severe the consequences can be and how a conviction can impact your life, job, future and family. She will determine which defense strategies will produce the best outcome based on the facts of your case.

Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer – Cynthia A. Brubaker

Call today for your FREE consultation with an Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney. You may only have one chance for an acceptable resolution to your Arizona drug possession charges. Don’t wait. Early retention is key to an effective, and successful criminal defense. Brubaker Law Team specializes in DUI and criminal defense in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona. We defend clients with charges in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, and Scottsdale. Call (602) 753-7LAW (7529) to arrange for your free initial consultation.

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