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Brubaker Law – Tempe, Arizona Criminal Attorney Law Firm

Being investigated or accused of a crime is a tremendously stressful and difficult situation for anyone to be in. Unfortunately, this same stress and uncertainty about the future makes choosing an Arizona criminal defense attorney lawyer or law firm tremendously difficult as well.

If you have been arrested, or believe you will be arrested, don’t wait—call Brubaker Law – Cynthia Brubaker. We represent people throughout Arizona in all felony and misdemeanor criminal matters, and clients throughout the state in certain major criminal cases.

Why Choose Our Law Firm?

At Brubaker Law Offices, we are dedicated to helping each of our clients—regardless of whether it involves a probation violation, an administrative hearing, a sexual assault, or a federal weapons charge—to achieve the best possible outcome to their case through whatever legal and ethical means are available to us.

In addition, Brubaker Law also offers:

  • Convenient, free consultations – Our legal assistants, makes house calls anywhere in Arizona to discuss your case.
  • 24-hour, seven-days-a-week accessibility – We make ourselves available to clients and provide the cell phone numbers of key staff so that you can always reach someone if new developments, questions, or concerns arise.
  • On-site/Traveling Notary – We have a staff Notary available for all your legal document needs.
  • Reasonable cost – Brubaker Law Offices provides criminal defense services at a reasonable cost and in some cases we can offer convenient payment options. All major credit cards are also accepted.
  • Defense against the following crimes: DUI, Drug Crimes, Violent Crimes, Domestic Violence Crimes, White Collar Crimes, Internet or Cyber Crimes and more.


Our Team

Arizona Criminal LawCynthia A. Brubaker – Attorney

Offering clients over 20 years of experience, Cynthia A. Brubaker represents clients in almost every area of criminal law. Working with a wide variety of forensic experts, lab technicians, expert witnesses, special investigators, toxicologists, hair and fiber analysts, and others, we challenge both the evidence attributed to our clients and the prosecution’s theory of the case.

For more than 20 years, Arizona criminal attorney Cynthia Brubaker has provided powerful and results-oriented Arizona criminal attorney services to people throughout all of Arizona. In addition to being an experienced trial attorney, Mrs. Brubaker uses her persuasive skills at pre-trial hearings or in conferences with local, state and federal prosecutors to negotiate the withdrawal of charges, reduction of charges or sentences, and alternatives to jail for her clients.

Mrs. Brubaker has developed a loyal following over her decades of criminal law practice. Her rates of client satisfaction come from her success on their behalf, of course, but also for the approach she takes in her practice of law. Mrs. Brubaker understands that people facing criminal charges, such as DUI, drug charges, white collar crimes and internet crimes, need to be able to contact their attorney at a moment’s notice, and she makes sure that her clients know how to reach her 24/7.

Arizona Criminal AttorneyJames J. Hamm, J.D. – Paralegal

James Hamm has over 39 years of experience in the criminal justice system and he brings a unique perspective to our firm as a consultant/paralegal.  In 1974, James went to prison in Arizona and spent almost 18 years there.  While in prison, he obtained a summa cum laude undergraduate degree in applied sociology with an extended major.  In 1992, he was granted clemency by the Governor due to his exemplary accomplishments.  He won awards for his assistance to other prisoners in educational programs. Upon release, he enrolled in law school at ASU, but even though he graduated and passed the bar exam, he was not admitted to practice.  James has lobbied at the Arizona Legislature on prison and sentencing reform and has lectured on those topics on an international level.  His specialty for our firm is appellate research, analysis and writing; he produces exceptional work on post-conviction relief, direct appeal, special actions, and habeas corpus petitions.  James has been qualified in the courts as an expert on prison gangs, rehabilitation, and complex time computation matters.  His story of redemption and rehabilitation inspires our clients and provides much hope to their families.

Arizona LawDonna Leone Hamm, Judge (Ret.) – Special Case Worker/Judicial Expert/Retired Judge

Donna has 31 years of experience in the criminal justice/court system.  She is a former non-lawyer lower court judge and has presided over many jury trials during her more than 10 years on the bench.  In 1983, she founded and administers the state’s premier prison reform and prisoner rights’ organization, Middle Ground Prison Reform.  Donna is a registered lobbyist for prison and sentencing reform issues at the Arizona Legislature.  She has lectured internationally on prison and criminal justice reform issues.  She regularly appears as a spokesperson for Middle Ground in the media.   She is available to our firm to provide consulting services for mitigation/alternative sentencing reports, clemency application representation, and all services relating to probation or community supervision.  For clients who may be preparing for a prison term, she provides orientation to the client and/or family.  Donna has expertly assisted many prisoners to obtain protective custody classification when necessary, and also can provide expertise in obtaining medical care for serious medical needs.  Her experience and expertise helps to round-out our full-service approach, which most law firms are unable to provide.

How To Beat A DUINick Brubaker – Legal Assistant/Notary

Nicholas Brubaker, Our resident I.T. expert and  Notary, he performs the lion’s share of legal research and prepares all legal documents and writings. He interacts with the court and electronically files all motions. He assists in every aspect of each case, trial preparation, client meetings and jail visits. Nicholas is also responsible for preparing and organizing all case documents and materials used for trial. He manages the attorney calendar and sets up all appointments, consultations, court matters and jail visits. Nicholas is heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the office and handles all of the office technology.


Arizona Criminal AttorneyJane McGavock – Legal Assistant

Jane McGavock, a volunteer with a passion toward the criminal defense career field, Jane does research and prepares correspondence and exhibits.  She assists in every aspect of each case, trial preparation, client meetings and jail visits. Jane is also responsible for preparing and organizing case documents and materials used for trial. She assists the attorney/paralegal in managing the client cases in preparation for trial.

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